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December 18, 2018
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Tips on Buying a Night Vision Security Camera

Jan 13, 2018

When you hear a noise in the middle of the night, and it looked like it’s coming from the back of your house. You are too scared to go check it out because you are probably afraid of your vulnerability to danger, but you have to go check it out anyway. Scared to hell? You are not alone in that. However, with security cameras, you can have a good look from inside your home with just a push of a button. security cameras are not just suitable for homes, but also for businesses. With a night vision security camera, you can be sure to have every detail around your properties –both day and night.

Night vision security cameras provide reliable supervision over your properties, therefore, you wouldn’t have to lose sleep anymore. With its high-resolution captures and video recording, you can’t just afford not to have such around your home.

When in the market for Night Vision Camera, these tips will help you choose the most suitable for your homes and businesses.

Determining the color

Not sure if you should get a black and white security camera or a color security camera? You should consider the level of light in your environment before making a decision.

Color security cameras such as the Hikvision’s work great when there is sufficient light in the vicinity. Just that the resolution might be lower compared to that of the black and white security camera. With a colored security camera, you get to identify a subject’s hair, car, and cloth color. So if you want a clearer footage then you should consider opting for a colored security camera over the black and white security camera.

Choosing the Connectivity type

Users should consider the vicinity and recording condition before choosing a wired or wireless system.

Wired security cameras are fitted for indoor and outdoor use, and will give you best quality footages, but also comes with having to deal with a lot of wires during set up. Wireless security cameras, on the order hand, are easier to set up and are also cost-friendly in terms of buying. In addition, it’s easier to keep it concealed from perpetrators.

Placement of security cameras

For best safety measures, cameras should be placed both outdoors and indoors, and also the purpose of installing should let you know which placement will offer you great protection at all times.

Outdoor cameras are water and dust proof to give you full operation in every kind of weather condition, but indoor security camera doesn’t need to be waterproof, you may choose to install the camera in plain sight or let the camera blend in with your interior design.

How many cameras should I install?

The numbers should depend on the level of protection you want and you should be taking into consideration the perimeter scope, interior, and exterior area of the place, making sure there is no blind spot at all. So, no subject or person can move without getting seen.

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