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October 21, 2018
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Importing Vehicles to Canada from another Country

May 4, 2017

If you wanted to move to the Canadian city of Montreal, nobody would blame you. The city has an abundance of culture and character, not to mention a beautiful European history.  Of course, the actual act of moving is a little less appealing, as it is more complicated than trying to move, for instance, from one American state to another.

Moving from the United States to Canada, as an example, means that you have to bring all of your belongings across the border.  When you do this, the respective border agencies will regard this as an act of exporting and importing.  And with that mindset, everything you try to move will be up for inspection and will require both paperwork and fee payment.

If that sounds complicated, you would be correct.  Paperwork—no matter how straightforward it might be—is never any fun.  And, in this case, you need to make sure you process things in the right order and always pay (or are prepared to pay) the appropriate fees if you want things to move along efficiently.

For the most part, you can send packages or trailers of smaller items, etc, ahead of you. But if you want to bring your car along with you, you may want to elect to work with a professional customs brokerage firm.


If you bought your car in the United States and want to bring it, permanently, into Canada, here are the things that you need to know:

  • Your vehicle must be inspected, officially, by the Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles and then certified for registration in Canada. Basically, not all vehicles are allowed for registration in Canada.
  • Most vehicles coming from the United States which have been modified from their original state might not be allowed to register in Canada; again, check with the RIV.


Basically, you cannot import a vehicle into Canada if you bought it in any country other than the US.  Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule.  If you want to see whether your car is allowable, you need to first read up on the requirements as listed in the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act.


You have your reasons, but you can also register some non-regulated vehicles.  This time, you will want to check with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act to see if it complies.

In addition, any vehicle older than 15 years can be imported, regardless of regulation, because it was manufactured before the regulations were first developed.

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How Important is Your Website to Your Tech Business?

Apr 28, 2017

In this day and age if you are the business owner of a technology driven business and you decide you don’t really need a website, you are missing the point. True, just about everyone who knows the trends and changes with e-commerce understands that having retail sites on social media is now a big part of any kind of online business.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need that website, contrary to what many are beginning to say. Especially if you are in the technology business. Just why you need a website leads us back to those common misunderstandings about e-commerce that goes far beyond understanding payment gateway integration and looks at the basic rules of good retail business practice.

Getting to Know You

It all starts with the fact that doing business on the web puts distance between you and your customers. They don’t know you, your passion for your business or why you are in the business in the first place. They don’t know if they should trust you with their credit card information or if you are someone with integrity.

They find out about you and all this kind of stuff when they visit your website and go to your “About Us” page. And yet many new web businesses simply decide that this page is unimportant and fail to create one. Or they just have an address and phone number, but nothing that tells your visitors who you are, why you are here and what your business is all about for you.

This is the page that humanizes your business so never fail to create one and make it reflect you. It tells them if you are a neighbor in their home town or a foreign business that is in some far away land. Tell them all about you, and let them know there is a person behind that website.

Have a Strategy

If you plan to have a business online, then of course you will want a business plan that tells you how you will get from a person with an idea to a successful entrepreneur. Having a strategy, one that includes how you will market that site, is important. But it is also important to have an SEO strategy to help that online business be seen.

Make the time to think about keywords, search terms and just how someone would look for your business when they go online. Chat it up on social media, ask for reviews from current customers and most of all have a plan in place and follow it. When you create a tech business website, you may think it is just a place to put that statistical information (it is, and is a great place for white papers that back up your ideas) but it is also where people go to learn more about who and what you are. Plan to create ways for them to find that as well.


It is so easy to be distracted when you start a new business. We are excited by everything we do and we want to do it all. But just as having a plan is essential to making a website work for you, so is focusing on that one key thing that you do well.

If you plan to have a website that offers the latest in pet training gadgets, then don’t get distracted by offering t-shirts with cute saying about pets as well. Stick to what you know how to do, and focus your business on that key thing. It will help your customers to stay focused as well, so they buy what you have to sell.

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Things to Know About Bituminous Membrane Systems

Apr 16, 2017

People who are associated with the construction business are regular users of Bituminous Membrane. It is generally used in the roofing of buildings so that the roof becomes completely leak proof against rain and fog. By using various modern technology methods lots of improvements have been incorporated in this product and these days you can also get customized Bituminous Membrane Systems for various applications. We will discuss about few products that are available in the market.

What are the benefits of these sealing products?

Following are the main benefits

  • Weather resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Very easy to repair
  • Flexible, expands and also contracts
  • Quite easy to install

All these products are really effective in protecting your roofs and also they are environment friendly, non-abrasive, energy efficient, UV resistant and skid resistant and also look very pleasing to look at.

Products with ADESCO Technology

You can get Bitumen membrane made out of ADESCO technology, which is also patented in USA and Canada. The product is self adhesive and can withstand any kind of adverse climatic conditions. Your residence roofs can be sealed easily by applying this product on the surface of the roof. It is made out of two different compounds, which are chemically treated so that it can easily seal the roof surface.

Products made out of CURE technology

Another product which is likely to be patented is available for the same purpose by using CURE technology. This is manufactured by infusing ceramic microspheres, UV stabilizers and property resins. This product is also quite eco friendly and stain resistant and can easily adhere to the surface of the roof. The sealing is quite durable and has the capability to outperform any other products available in the market.

APP membranes

Another similar product is widely used for the roof sealing purpose, which is Atactic Polypropylene. It creates modified bitumen, which is further reinforced with fibreglass mat and polyester. This product can be directly used over multi ply roofing system or any other acceptable substrate.

SBS membranes

Another popular product used for roof sealing is multi ply roofing system. This Styrene Butadiene Styrene is a kind of modified bitumen and is quite flexible and gives very high tensile strength. It also provides very good dimensional stability and is easier and replace and repair if any problem does occur. In its base and cap sheets, poly glass SBS is used.

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What Challenges Do Commercial Airports Face Everyday

Apr 5, 2017

With the change in times, several industries have been looking to change their appearance. This would be necessary to raise the value of their assets. Among the several industries that have changed recently, the aviation industry has become largely popular for undergoing a great change. It is of great importance that you have the best company take care of your airports in a number of areas. They should handle consultancy, management and investment for your airport. Among the several names that you may come across online, the best would be CAI.

Numerous challenges faced by the airports

A majority of commercial airports have been dealing with a wide number of challenges each passing day. Apart from the runway traffic, the efficient passenger traffic would remain one of the main aspects that concern airports. It would be pertinent to mention here that commercial carriers would be required to handle their passenger traffic flow in an effective and efficient manner. However, it would be pertinent that effective airport passenger management would be required to handle the passenger traffic economically in the best manner possible. Usually, airport passenger services have been offered either by airport management companies or commercial airlines directly. The airport management companies would be the one that works at airports.

Among the several options available online, your best choice would be CAI. The company has been popular for making investments in the global aviation market.

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Searching for Suitable Storage Units Business Online

Mar 4, 2017

There may come a time when you feel like storing your belongings other than your own house. In such a situation, you may look for a proper storage facility that will cater to your needs in the best possible manner. These storage units should look after your belongings for you in the right manner. However, apart from the efficient and effective storage facility services provided by these storage units, they should not burn a significant hole in your pocket. It is the major concern for most people searching to keep their belongings in cheap storage units.

Searching for cheap storage business units

It will be pertinent to mention here that storage units may charge heavily for keeping your belongings in the right and appropriate manner. Therefore, you will need to have the best storage unit for all your belongings and stuff storing requirements. However, the storage unit should not only keep your belongings in an appropriate manner, but should not charge exorbitantly for the duration for which you intend to keep your stuff with them. Several factors will need to be considered by you prior to actually choosing a reliable and reputed storage unit. With money being an important aspect, you should look for affordable storage units for all kinds of storage needs.

Where to search for cheap storage business units

The question to consider would be where to start searching for cheap storage business units. Find below some of the places where you could start searching for cheap storage business units to be hired for your stuff storage needs.

Searching online

The foremost and most appropriate place would be the internet. The online realm will be your best bet for all your storage requirements. The online realm offers several options available to cater to your stuff storage and budget needs. You will be able to compare between the several kinds of companies offering storage units. You will be able to find the right storage unit catering to your needs and budget in the best possible manner.

Word of mouth

Yet another option will be seeking assistance from word of mouth. You may ask your family and friends for the best and suitable storage facility near you.

Yellow pages search

Last, but not the least, you can start searching for desired storage units on yellow pages. You should search for suitable storage unit on the yellow pages and start calling on their given contact numbers.

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How the Oil Industry is Gearing Up to Face Challenges

Feb 20, 2017

If you are at all aware of the challenges facing the oil and gas industry, then you know that the next decade or two will be times to test their ingenuity. Everything that is connected to that industry, from high pressure shaft seal manufacturers to farmers who lease the land for oil wells will see the changes affect their industry as well.

While the challenges are great, the wealth and knowledge that this industry controls mean they can surmount it, if they meet the trials with the right tools. So, what are the biggest challenges facing this industry right now, you might ask. Whether you are thinking of investing in this industry or working in it, you might want to be aware of these challenges to its continued success.

Finding the Resources

As most of us are aware, the easy oil is gone and now what is left for most of the industry is oil and gas that is either complicated to extract, such as shale oil, or deep underground. Finding this oil and discovering new and effective ways to extract it require rethinking the industry. It will require more top quality engineers, already something that is in short supply as more technology industries snap them up.

It will also need some cutting-edge technology that can approach the many problems the industry must solve in order to remain solvent. These two primary resources are in short supply, getting more expensive all the time and the competition for them is getting hot. Today many oil industries are sponsoring promising engineering students and creative inventors to find the talent young, and groom it for their industry.

Negotiating Government Restrictions

The growing awareness of climate change and how the oil and gas industry play a role in it has meant more regulations for the industry. It also means that an industry that once had a healthy relationship with important law makers are now having to scramble to be heard.

As more countries follow Canada’s lead in requiring a closer restriction on the creation of greenhouse gases at the source, the industry will need to change their methods of extraction. This can be done, and many of the major players in the industry are answering this need by diversifying their investments to include alternative energy solutions as this sector grows in importance.

Bringing In More Investment

The entire extraction industry has been struggling with finding new investors as negotiations with governments and new restrictions cut back on shareholder profits. But if they are to survive they will need the investment to fund all of the changes named above. From better technology for finding oil and gas to engineers that develop the new mines, wells and extraction methods that lower their impact on the environment, the challenges are great.

As these new methods come online, the industry is finding it easier to show investors that there is a way forward in this new atmosphere of regulation and change. From creating new markets in developing worlds to designing hybrids of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, the industry is reinventing itself to fit with the new world it faces. As it does, the investments and resources will be developed as well, to allow it to find its place in the new greener world they are finding themselves forced to be a part of and in fact perhaps can lead the charge to create.

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The Benefits of Technology for Oil Platform Research

Feb 17, 2017

The continued search for oil has resulted in our moving off land onto the high seas. As we continue to drill for oil in such unlikely places as the beds of nearby oceans, we need to engage greater and greater technology to make that search safer and more profitable. Everything from anchor analysis to tell an oil company how to anchor its rig at the right spot safely to engineering drill bits that work in ocean environments are needed to ensure a successful venture.

No matter whether we do indeed find new sources of energy to heat our homes and drive our cars, oil will always be a resource that has its uses in our society. Finding the technology to do the extraction safely and with minimal impact on the surrounding environment is becoming a part of that search. But as with everything else, there are always new technologies arising that will make the process faster, cleaner and easier. This all spells greater profits, enough that oil production companies will continue to open new sites even as alternative fuel is created. Here are just a few ways that technology will continue to benefit the search for oil below the seas.

Measuring Environmental Impact

While the push has continued to find alternative fuels, the oil industry has also done some research of is own on how to mitigate the impact that drilling can have on the environment. This has brought in a host of new technological advances that create baseline studies on both site impact and production impact. From the arctic shorelines of Alaska to the southern bays along Houston, new drilling sites need to have a smaller footprint in order to succeed.

These latest software reports help many oil industry executives make decisions on not only where they will drill next but how they will drill. Impact on not only the local population at the drill site, but also the effect on nutrients they need to survive are all part of these reports. Without the technology to look at these impacts, most oil drill sites, particularly those on drill platforms in the sea, would not be profitable enough to continue.

Measuring for Safety

Above and beyond these concerns, technology has developed that helps keep track of the risks involved for the workers on these oil platforms. Everything from wind and water currents to keeping tabs on underwater cracks must be done with state of the art technology. The use of explosives and welding tools underwater takes a special kind of knowledge, and technology helps companies identify risks and if they are worth taking.

Measuring for Design Elements

Designing a rig to withstand the many different stresses that the high seas can pose requires skill, knowledge of a specialized kind and the technology at your fingertips to put that all together. A rig cannot afford to have something malfunction in the midst of a storm or while working with dangerous materials.

Technology in engineering programs have been developed to anticipate these needs and design to overcome them. Taken together with all of the above technology, the oil industry needs every inch of knowledge, tech and skill it can bring to bear when it comes to finding and bringing home the world’s fuel.

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Three Secrets to Successful Car Dealerships

Feb 17, 2017

Some people may think that having your own car dealership is a lot like having your own money printing machine. After all, everyone needs a car, don’t they? When it comes right down to it, if you are selling a brand of car or truck that is respected such as Toyota or Ford, why should you have any trouble selling a car or ten?

But the truth of the matter is, the competition is fierce among the many different car dealerships and it takes a smart businessman that both knows and understands the auto buying public and what they need to succeed. But there are some great tools out there that can give any well-run car dealership an edge when it comes to out-smarting the competition.

Taking Care of Customers

One of the great tools that pretty much every major automotive brand loves to work with is an auto dealer CRM or customer relationship management tool. This is software that helps a dealership to see statistics on local buyers, know how people react to different sales and special deals and in general help them to deliver to local buyers what they want in a way they want it.

Some of the statistics for this software comes from the head office, while other elements come out of the marketing campaigns that are run from the dealership. When it is utilized properly, a dealership can use their CRM to help them reach out to customers, work with them in a way that they know they will respond with a purchase, and make sure they are happy customers who will return for their next car.

Social Media Outreach

While all of this software is helpful, it doesn’t do much good if no one knows you exist. This is true for any business, not just for car dealerships. Today many businesses are finding that social media accounts with such sites as Facebook and Twitter can help them to reach the young buyers who are looking for the right car or truck. Many use their smartphones today to search for anything they want to buy, and find the statistics and business ratings to help them decide who to buy from as well.

Most successful dealerships also make sure they have someone in the dealership who is proficient with social media and in charge of all their online marketing. Having a dedicated person who makes sure that their online message is always consistent is part of a smart marketing campaign.

The Local Touch

While all this software and online marketing is important, the most successful car dealerships never forget they are part of a local community. This is more than just showing up at the local Christmas parade though. By getting involved with schools and local charities a dealership can be connected to their community and trusted to give everyone good service. It doesn’t matter if that dealership is in the heart of Los Angeles or out in the small towns of the heartland of America.

The country will always need a good car and so every town will always need someone to sell them one. But to be the one everyone loves to go to when it comes time to buy that next car, a dealership must prove they are worthy of their trust and capable of helping them make the best possible purchase. All of these methods are great ways to ensure that a dealership is seen as part of the community, and they have the tools to know and understand what that community needs from them.

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Why Emergency Lights are Important for Your Business

Feb 17, 2017

If you own a business, especially if that is a small business with less than 20 employees, you probably never gave much thought to whether you should have emergency lights. After all, you only have a handful of employees and they all know where the exits are, don’t they? But the truth of the matter is, in an emergency when you could be trying to get out of a burning building with the power out, those emergency lights that go on the moment your power goes off can be a lifesaver.

Whether they are the kind powered by Lithonia battery chargers or are simply backed up with ordinary electrical batteries, you may Someday be grateful that you had the foresight to have them installed. So, what kind of situation do these important but sometimes costly lights cover? Here are just three examples of where having emergency power for the all-important exits in your building could make the difference between an eventful day and a tragic one.


You may be thinking, but my business isn’t in California! The truth of the matter is, there are many parts of the country that are prone to earthquakes, not just the one we all are aware of and watch in dread. When I was working in New York state I was surprised to find out that it was an area that had in the past had some pretty bad earthquakes, and still had the occasional trembler while I was there.

Even if you have not heard of your area having a big quake, it doesn’t mean it can’t have one. Be prepared, it is always better than having regrets later. A simple thing like a light over an exit to help everyone get out quickly and easily can make a huge difference in this kind of situation.


We never know when a fire will happen, and if you happen to have your office in an older building that is made of wood instead of modern cement, it is even more important to have a plan in place. While the outside shell may be brick, most of these older buildings are wooden structures on the inside.

So, getting out of your building fast, and having a plan in place where you will meet, is essential. You should actually have a handout for everyone who begins working for you stating what the plan is and where you will meet, so there is no confusion in the case of a fire. Timing is so important at a time like this!

Human Disasters

Sometimes it isn’t Mother Nature that comes for us, it is our own. If you have your office in a major city that has had a history of violent unrest, you may want to make plans for getting out and getting safe. Many office workers were surprised by the riots in Los Angeles when Watts erupted in anger, but they shouldn’t have been. Know what the feeling is on the street where your offices are, and talk with your employees about it. Have a plan in place, a well-lit way out and know when it is smart to stay and when it is smarter to go.

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Top Five Office Security Tips

Feb 14, 2017

Whether you run an office with just you and two or three employees or have several floors of corporate offices in your charge, security is always on your mind. But just as there are guiding rules for other aspects of running an office, you can bet there are good ways and bad ways to secure that office. Here in Texas we know that document shredding Houston offices are always more secure, but that isn’t the only way to keep your office safe from both thieves and corporate spies. Here are a few tips to help you.

Stay Aware of Visitors

Do you have a big office where you don’t know everyone who works there? This can be a problem when you have visitors who maybe should not be in the area where you see them. In a small office, you can recognize anyone you don’t know and ask them if you can help them.

In a larger office, you might want to have the visitors sign in at the receptionist desk. But even with those precautions, stay aware of anyone who is walking through your office that doesn’t work there. Even if they have a uniform on, keep an eye on them.

Keep Track of Personal Items

Make sure that your office has a rule that all personal items like purses, wallets and keys are kept locked away in a desk drawer. These should never be sitting out in the open where anyone walking by could either steal them or go through them for cash and valuables.

This is especially true of smartphones in a big office where you often have guests roaming around. It is just too tempting for some people, so make it a rule and have everything from purses and keys to personal smartphones locked away.

Precautions for Working Late

Sometimes we just don’t get everything done we need to do before that final hour comes. If you do have to work late, be smart about it in terms of your security. Check the office when everyone leaves and make sure all windows and doors are secured. If you can, leave information with someone that you are working late, just so someone knows.

When leaving, make sure you get security to walk you to your car if that is possible, or choose a well-lit path to local transit. Always be aware of your surroundings when walking at night alone, especially if it is in an urban area that might not be completely safe at night.

Lock Down Unsupervised Computers

These days we are so used to having a computer around that we don’t give it another thought. But if a computer is left unsupervised, let’s say there is a meeting in another office, then it should be either off or secured with a password.

Screensavers should be locked when they come on and everyone in your office should have at the least attended a workshop to teach them how to create secure passwords. You can never be too safe. Even if you have checked out any service workers that are in the area and know every other visitor, making sure that computer is safe is just smart security.

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