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December 18, 2018
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Hi Tech Service Management Applications

Aug 14, 2016

Service management has become generally utilized in various kinds of industry today. The progressive technology develops lots of cool product software that includes service management features that benefits the company in enhancing customer services.

Social housing

One common service management application today which utilizes technical complexity is social housing. It uses the most recent technology having a computer designed to manage all related repairs, maintenance and cyclical works in almost any social housing atmosphere for any well integrated system that gives efficient customer support.

Service keeper for social housing might have real-time works and property information incorporated to boost amounts of communication and collaboration between your company’s call center and mobile service teams in addition to contractors. This enhanced network of communication of all involved parties would increase customer support.

The service team for handling the assigned property could be outfitted by having an unfair edge on their competitors with proven abilities that may manage assets, customer data, property information, workforce scheduling and control over the mobile workforce.


Another application on the market today that can usually benefit from technical complexity service management approaches is the treating of utility. Power companies can also enjoy a greater client satisfaction having a service system that is made to support and keep utility infrastructures. Which means that the utility meters are regularly read and checked on accurate performance with installing the most recent available alternative energy systems. The implementation of these systems that benefit consumers could be easily managed with the advanced features incorporated within the software system.

Having a total service management system installed, the machine supplies a unified and efficient approach for the supply and control over utilities for example gas, electricity, sewage services and water in addition to PV installations.

Such advanced software system on service service management management has the capacity to manage every type of utility instantly having a single database of knowledge. Relevant processes are streamlined and automatic from beginning to end in creating a desirable outcome.

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