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December 19, 2018
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People who are associated with the construction business are regular users of Bituminous Membrane. It is generally used in the roofing of buildings so that the roof becomes completely leak proof against rain and fog. By using various modern technology methods lots of improvements have been incorporated in this product and these days you can also get customized Bituminous Membrane Systems for various applications. We will discuss about few products that are available in the market.

What are the benefits of these sealing products?

Following are the main benefits

  • Weather resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Very easy to repair
  • Flexible, expands and also contracts
  • Quite easy to install

All these products are really effective in protecting your roofs and also they are environment friendly, non-abrasive, energy efficient, UV resistant and skid resistant and also look very pleasing to look at.

Products with ADESCO Technology

You can get Bitumen membrane made out of ADESCO technology, which is also patented in USA and Canada. The product is self adhesive and can withstand any kind of adverse climatic conditions. Your residence roofs can be sealed easily by applying this product on the surface of the roof. It is made out of two different compounds, which are chemically treated so that it can easily seal the roof surface.

Products made out of CURE technology

Another product which is likely to be patented is available for the same purpose by using CURE technology. This is manufactured by infusing ceramic microspheres, UV stabilizers and property resins. This product is also quite eco friendly and stain resistant and can easily adhere to the surface of the roof. The sealing is quite durable and has the capability to outperform any other products available in the market.

APP membranes

Another similar product is widely used for the roof sealing purpose, which is Atactic Polypropylene. It creates modified bitumen, which is further reinforced with fibreglass mat and polyester. This product can be directly used over multi ply roofing system or any other acceptable substrate.

SBS membranes

Another popular product used for roof sealing is multi ply roofing system. This Styrene Butadiene Styrene is a kind of modified bitumen and is quite flexible and gives very high tensile strength. It also provides very good dimensional stability and is easier and replace and repair if any problem does occur. In its base and cap sheets, poly glass SBS is used.

Tran Neo

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