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December 19, 2018
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Some people may think that having your own car dealership is a lot like having your own money printing machine. After all, everyone needs a car, don’t they? When it comes right down to it, if you are selling a brand of car or truck that is respected such as Toyota or Ford, why should you have any trouble selling a car or ten?

But the truth of the matter is, the competition is fierce among the many different car dealerships and it takes a smart businessman that both knows and understands the auto buying public and what they need to succeed. But there are some great tools out there that can give any well-run car dealership an edge when it comes to out-smarting the competition.

Taking Care of Customers

One of the great tools that pretty much every major automotive brand loves to work with is an auto dealer CRM or customer relationship management tool. This is software that helps a dealership to see statistics on local buyers, know how people react to different sales and special deals and in general help them to deliver to local buyers what they want in a way they want it.

Some of the statistics for this software comes from the head office, while other elements come out of the marketing campaigns that are run from the dealership. When it is utilized properly, a dealership can use their CRM to help them reach out to customers, work with them in a way that they know they will respond with a purchase, and make sure they are happy customers who will return for their next car.

Social Media Outreach

While all of this software is helpful, it doesn’t do much good if no one knows you exist. This is true for any business, not just for car dealerships. Today many businesses are finding that social media accounts with such sites as Facebook and Twitter can help them to reach the young buyers who are looking for the right car or truck. Many use their smartphones today to search for anything they want to buy, and find the statistics and business ratings to help them decide who to buy from as well.

Most successful dealerships also make sure they have someone in the dealership who is proficient with social media and in charge of all their online marketing. Having a dedicated person who makes sure that their online message is always consistent is part of a smart marketing campaign.

The Local Touch

While all this software and online marketing is important, the most successful car dealerships never forget they are part of a local community. This is more than just showing up at the local Christmas parade though. By getting involved with schools and local charities a dealership can be connected to their community and trusted to give everyone good service. It doesn’t matter if that dealership is in the heart of Los Angeles or out in the small towns of the heartland of America.

The country will always need a good car and so every town will always need someone to sell them one. But to be the one everyone loves to go to when it comes time to buy that next car, a dealership must prove they are worthy of their trust and capable of helping them make the best possible purchase. All of these methods are great ways to ensure that a dealership is seen as part of the community, and they have the tools to know and understand what that community needs from them.

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