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December 19, 2018
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Whether you run an office with just you and two or three employees or have several floors of corporate offices in your charge, security is always on your mind. But just as there are guiding rules for other aspects of running an office, you can bet there are good ways and bad ways to secure that office. Here in Texas we know that document shredding Houston offices are always more secure, but that isn’t the only way to keep your office safe from both thieves and corporate spies. Here are a few tips to help you.

Stay Aware of Visitors

Do you have a big office where you don’t know everyone who works there? This can be a problem when you have visitors who maybe should not be in the area where you see them. In a small office, you can recognize anyone you don’t know and ask them if you can help them.

In a larger office, you might want to have the visitors sign in at the receptionist desk. But even with those precautions, stay aware of anyone who is walking through your office that doesn’t work there. Even if they have a uniform on, keep an eye on them.

Keep Track of Personal Items

Make sure that your office has a rule that all personal items like purses, wallets and keys are kept locked away in a desk drawer. These should never be sitting out in the open where anyone walking by could either steal them or go through them for cash and valuables.

This is especially true of smartphones in a big office where you often have guests roaming around. It is just too tempting for some people, so make it a rule and have everything from purses and keys to personal smartphones locked away.

Precautions for Working Late

Sometimes we just don’t get everything done we need to do before that final hour comes. If you do have to work late, be smart about it in terms of your security. Check the office when everyone leaves and make sure all windows and doors are secured. If you can, leave information with someone that you are working late, just so someone knows.

When leaving, make sure you get security to walk you to your car if that is possible, or choose a well-lit path to local transit. Always be aware of your surroundings when walking at night alone, especially if it is in an urban area that might not be completely safe at night.

Lock Down Unsupervised Computers

These days we are so used to having a computer around that we don’t give it another thought. But if a computer is left unsupervised, let’s say there is a meeting in another office, then it should be either off or secured with a password.

Screensavers should be locked when they come on and everyone in your office should have at the least attended a workshop to teach them how to create secure passwords. You can never be too safe. Even if you have checked out any service workers that are in the area and know every other visitor, making sure that computer is safe is just smart security.

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